Cord Cutting

Cord Cutting


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Etheric Cords are a extension of our energy, connecting to the energy of someone else.  This cord can be connected to you by someone else’s energy without you knowing. Described in the intuitive sense, refer strictly to energy interactions in and between the spiritual body – thoughts, feelings, emotions, experiences, and interactions between yourself and another person. Etheric cords exist between two individuals such as loved ones, colleagues, postman and pretty much anyone your path crosses. One is always the sender of energy, and the other as the receiver of energy.

Our spiritual body is not physically dense and of solid matter, it’s also not limited in its actions by physical proximity or space. This means if someone has an ill thought, feeling or emotion towards you the energy of that interaction or emotion doesn't remain entirely with them, it attaches the other end to you. This can cause draining of energy or cause discomfort within our bodies and or lead to illness.

Cutting the cords from past relationships often frees the grip that the person has over us and eases the pain and the mental conflict that holds us back.

Cutting these cords are important to enable our vibrations to stay at a high level to keep our minds and lives in a positive state.

This service is done via facetime or messenger video call.

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