Chakra Healing and Balancing

Distance Chakra Healing and Balancing


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In our Chakra Healing and Balancing session Irene scans and aligns your 7 Chakras. Irene will also share information with you to ensure you understand where you require work within your energetic body and assists with ways to keep your Chakras aligned and balanced.

Healing Methods:
Duration: 30 min

    After placing your booking you will receive an email within 24hrs to confirm your booking date and a time for your session.

    *Distance via Video Call: Please ensure you are available for your booking at the agreed time and are in a suitable location that is quiet and private.  If we cannot contact you we will send a text and wait for 10 minutes. After this time your booking will be deemed cancelled with no refund.

    * Please ensure you arrive on time for your agreed appointment time. We will wait 10 minutes  after your booking time and if you do not turn up we will deem your  appointment cancelled with no refund.

    * No refund for missed appointments 

    *12 hours prior notice required to reschedule via email to 

    *Booking times are in Australian Eastern Standard time zone - Melbourne.