Readings & Dream Interpretation Services

Our readings are a guidance only, it is an opportunity to move forward with insight to assist you on your life journey. The messages that we receive for you will allow you to utilise the 'gift of choice' that we have as humans to hopefully lead you to making positive changes in your life to make your journey a more fulfilled and happier one.

With the use of a pendulum we are able to connect with our Spirit Guides and Angels to obtain answers and/or clarification to questions or guide you to which option is best suited for you.

Dreams can reveal a lot about unresolved issues lurking in the subconscious that can be holding you back. They can also give guidance and/or warnings that you need to heed. Deciphering messages given in a dream can be difficult as they often don't appear to have any relevance. However, once explained can be quite profound.

We look forward to connecting with you xox