Amethyst Cluster # 5
Amethyst Cluster # 5

Amethyst Cluster # 5

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Amethyst Cluster # 5

Protection Purification Intuition

Renowned for its beauty and power, Amethyst is also a very protective stone with a very high spiritual vibration. A perfect stone for the mind to set intentions and making decisions. 

Amethyst will assist in overcoming any addiction! It calms and soothes your emotions. Amethyst is a stone of prosperity. It creates a protective energy field around its wearer, assists in transmuting negative energies within the wearer and gives protection from external negative energies. Amethyst relieves insomnia, brings peace and calm. ○ Chakras: Third Eye, Crown 

  • Enhances intuition.
  • Assists to develop a deeper understanding of life.
  • Extremely protective.
  • Neutralizes negative energies.
  • Facilitates decision making.
  • Balances emotions.
  • Cleanses one’s aura.
  • Creates a shield of spiritual light around the body.
Weight 75grms      Size 8 x 1.5 x 5cm