Book The Angel Bible

Book The Angel Bible

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The Angel Bible

Learn how to access angels and their wisdom through The Angel Bible, your definitive guide to angelic lore. This book features practical exercises, meditations and affirmations you can perform to help you reach out to the angels that surround you for guidance, healing and inspiration. Through The Angel Bible you will learn to sense the presence of angels, communicate with your guardian angel and use crystals to alleviate common ailments. Complete with beautiful colour illustrations, this is the ideal book for everyone who is interested in angels.

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Angels act as a bridge between the physical and spiritual world and many people have described how these remarkable messengers have helped and guided them.  Using the insightful and practical reference book, you will discover how to work with angels to develop wisdom, strengthen, self understanding and overcome obstacles.  Discover the angels connection to crystal energy, essential oils, the kabbalah, astrology and the chakras and find out how to create an altar, keep a gratitude book and meditate.  Filled with affirmations, exercises and wisdom, The Angel Bible will help you experience the power of angels and show you how to invite them into your life.

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