About Break Thruz

Spiritual, Personal and Business Support & Growth

We are all born without depression, hatred, anger and fears but throughout our lives things happen to harden our heart or bring us to breaking point. From the moment we become adults and take the reins of your own Journey this is the moment when everything that happens to us is because of our own choices. Life is about choices.  

The Break Thruz team can assist and give you guidance to lead lives filled with laughter, love and success through all our services combined or separate. 

Break Thruz purpose is to enlighten as many people as possible through our genuine gifts and services and to eliminate charlatans who feed off people's vulnerabilities for the purposes of making money. The Break Thruz team are genuine and truly gifted and our main purpose is to assist people on their life's journey

Maz ~ Founder

Clairvoyant, Psychic, Medium & Mentor

My own journey has done a 180 degree turn to bring me here to this path.  I am living proof that when the universe wants you on a certain path to fulfill your purpose it will do anything to make it happen. My life experiences, good and bad with gifted children, family, career, business, illness, travel, marriage, divorce combined with my Clairvoyant Psychic/Medium gift, I feel and know that I am on my true path to help guide others struggling through their own journey.

I am a straight to the point Psychic/Medium. If there is something you need to hear to help guide you on your life path I won't hesitate to tell you. If required I will and can assist by guiding you throughout your journey through personal growth coaching and mentoring.

Irene ~ Clairvoyant, Psychic, Medium & Mentor


Clairvoyant, Psychic, Healer & Mentor

Irene is a truly gifted Healer & Psychic Medium  who works with the Archangels Uriel and Raphael. Her healing reading sessions clear your blockages in your chakras and enable you to work through issues that may hold you back on your journey.  Dream interpretations are one of her many gifts and with this knowledge and guidance through your dreams you are able to access the knowledge you require to assist with your journey.

Dirk ~ Spiritual Cleansing Specialist & Mentor


Spiritual Cleansing Specialist & Mentor

Dirk has been removing attachments, negative energies & paranormal activity from on and around people and their environments with great success for many years. There is no room for mistakes in this area and Dirk certainly never fails to change people's lives with his amazing gift.

Andre & Jana

Psychic, Medium Ancestral Healers 

This amazing duo combined are known as The Shade. Their strong ancestral backgrounds, Andre, Maori and Jana, Tongan assist this husband and wife team to bring endings to karmic and ancestral cycles to ensure future generations within your family do not suffer from unnecessary darkness in their lives.

Julie ~ Animal Whisperer


Reiki Psychic Addictions Healer 

Julie is a passionate and loving soul that connects to animals and other humans on a unique spiritual level. Her reiki healing has brought peace to many peoples lives assisting them to face their addictions and remove them completely to lead a healthier and more fulfilled journey. Having won her own battles with addictions Julie loves nothing more but to see others succeed on their own journey.

We are looking forward to connecting with you and being of part of your Journey