Angel Agate Druzy
Angel Agate Druzy
Angel Agate Druzy
Angel Agate Druzy

Angel Agate Druzy

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Angel Agate Druzy

The divine wisdom of an angel messenger.  Are you searching for answers?

The angel featured is a symbol of protection and guidance, a most beautiful reminder that you are watched over with unconditional love and acceptance.

Hand carved and polished Agate that will capture your heart.

Do you need more positive energy, balance and harmony in your life?Then take a look at this stunning winged angel to guide your heart.  Yes, it will assist you with emotional disharmony while the wings of an angel look over to protect you.  When we combine the angel heart symbol and druzy crystal it will help you through challenging times in a relationship with others, giving you new hope, direction and enthusiasm.  You will find it easier to let go of the past and invite change to move forward. It will also support yourself to find self worth and confidence. A unique piece that will certainly leave a positive impact on the heart.

Druzy Crystal

Is made up of tiny sparkling crystals grown over the component

  • Will awaken self love
  • Encourages you to relax and uplifts your spirits
  • Natural healing from physical, spiritual and mental issues
  • Boost your immune system
  • Promotes healthy eating habits
  • Improves your financial prospects

Weight 75 grms       6 x 6 x 2cm