Angel Aventurine
Angel Aventurine

Angel Aventurine

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Angel Aventurine

Very solid hand carved piece.

The divine wisdom of an angel messenger.  Are you searching for answers?

The angel featured is a symbol of protection and guidance, a most beautiful reminder that you are watched over with unconditional love and acceptance. Enhancing this is the green Aventurine stimulating the heart to open.

Do you need more positive energy, balance, and harmony in your life? Then look at this stunning angel that will guide you to one's inner wonderland of spirit, light & love. This piece is hand carved and polished.

Place Green Aventurine where you would like things to grow, near a computer, encourages business to grow? In a cash draw, for money growth and the most important, for personal growth. 

If you suffer with emotional disharmony let the wings of an angel look over you and the Aventurine soothing energy to help work through unresolved issues giving new hope, direction, and enthusiasm.  A unique piece that will certainly leave a positive impact on your wellbeing from luck, prosperity, and love. what a combo this is!

Green Aventurine

Luck and Prosperity

  • Attracts luck and wealth.
  • Encourages personal growth.
  • Balances emotions.
  • Provides a shield from energy vampires.
  • Soothing energy to help work through unresolved issues
  • Protects the heart and opens heart chakra.
    Weight 135grms       Size 7.5 x 3 x 4 cm