Animal Reiki Sessions
Animal Reiki Sessions

Animal Reiki Sessions


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Do you know that animals naturally heal their humans with Reiki when we are unwell? Now you can return the favour by booking a Reiki healing. 

Our pets are a part of our families so it makes sense that we want the best for them.  Animal Reiki is a fast-growing natural remedy.  It can not replace Western medicine but it assists our beloved pets to heal in many ways.

Some of Animal Reiki benefits:

  • Increases their energy levels and well-being
  • Alleviates anxiety, stress, nervousness and produces a calm state
  • Supplements medical treatments
  • Assists with healing after surgery
  • Relieves aches, pains, strains and allergies
  • Assists with issues with coats, skin or feathers
  • Assists with animal depression and separation anxiety
  • Assists with strengthening the bond between owner and pet

Animals have a Chakra system that can cause blockages and can affect their health just like humans. They have 8 major Chakras and 21 minor chakras.  The main Chakra is called the Brachial or Key Chakra. This was discovered by the worlds most renowned animal healer, Magrit Coates.  It is the central chakra located either side of the shoulders and links all of the animal's Chakras.  This Chakra relates to animal / human interactions.

Animal Reiki is self-guided and heals so much more. Animals are very accepting as they find Animal Reiki very accessible to themselves as a self-healing tool.

Book a distance healing today with Julie to eliminate unnecessary illnesses for your pets in the future or assist your pet to heal quicker from existing illnesses.

Duration: 30 min

 * This is a distance healing through a photo