Cleansing Aura and Space Spray

Cleansing Aura and Space Spray

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Are you suffering from headaches or feeling depressed, Anxiety or highly emotional? Do you have feelings of being overly tired, not well or unexplainable aches and pains? Has the energy around your home or within your family suddenly changed or feel off? Have you purchased any new or second-hand items? Or perhaps you may have crossed paths of an energy vampire or have an excess of spirit energy that needs releasing.


These are only some symptoms that tell us that Your Aura (energy field/ self) and/or Space (home, work, crystals, tarots, oracles, jewelry etc.) needs cleansing and toxic energy removal.


If this is you then you need Our Aura and Space Cleansing Spray.


A powerful and healing blend of Sage, Rose, Palo Santo, and Hyssop, infused with Obsidian and clear Quartz.


 Made by You Matter You Know