Cluster Stone Stand Citrine
Cluster Stone Stand Citrine

Cluster Stone Stand Citrine

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Cluster Stone Stand Citrine

The Lucky Stone

A new collection inspired by the crystal sphere wall and door chimes. 

Beautifully handcrafted in Australia with the sentiment of “Luck,” this elegant citrine ornament with its distinctive stand and citrine cluster, attached with clear faceted points on both sides to maximize their beauty to sparkle, would be any girls favourite.

Its design will enhance your home and make a lovely gift for someone special.

It influences, in a positive manner, education, business, dispels anger within relationships and encourages one to look forward to the sunrise in life.  Use to disperse a positive energy flow of happiness and abundance throughout the home with 110 grams of citrine.


Happiness and Abundance

  • Attracts abundance prosperity and success.
  • Increases creativity.
  • Attracts love and happiness.
  • Acts as a protective shield against negative energy.
Weight 170 grms      24 x 12 x 11 cm