Dagger Obsidian
Dagger Obsidian

Dagger Obsidian

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Indian  Dagger Obsidian 

Symbolises - Protection & Bravery

Represents - Prosperity, Good Luck & Safe Passage

This beautifully handcrafted obsidian dagger is a great tool for cord cutting, displacement of energy and spiritual cleansing rituals. The dragon talisman offers the user extra protection.  Each dagger is uniquely handmade individually in Western Australia with exceptional detail to the workmanship involved.

Black Obsidian

Powerful Cleanser

  • Clears psychic smog created within the aura.
  • Strong psychic protection.
  • Shields against negativity.
  • Removes blockages.
  • Excellent for grounding.
  • Stimulates psychic abilities.
Weight 80 grms      26 x 3 cm