Earrings Moonstone Drop

Earrings Moonstone Drop

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Earrings Moonstone Drop

Gorgeous moonstone oval shaped earrings that will frame your face without being too bold, but still make a statement. Wear during the day to evening, no matter what the occasion is these earrings will work with many different styles.

The moonstone radiates its sheer shine of energy throughout the day and night. The pearly white changes colour to tones of blue and pink. Beautifully set in 9.25 sterling silver.

Moonstone has empowering strengths to get in touch with the feminine side in you.  A stone that will calm the emotions before overreactions and aggressive tendencies arise. It promotes new growth and new beginnings bringing a stronger sense of intuition allowing you to be guided by the magical energy and nurturing that the moon draws.  Moonstone enhances success and good fortune in love and business matters.

 Intuition ~ Calming ~ Passion

  • Brings hope
  • Enhances intuition and psychic abilities
  • Attracts abundance to one's life
  • Protective
  • Enhances relief from emotional stress
  • Ultimate fertility crystal
  • Promotes clarity of the mind and inner vision


Drop: 3cm      Width: 1cm      9.25 Silver