Evil Eye Agate Pink Tone Protection 2
Evil Eye Agate Pink Tone Protection 2
Evil Eye Agate Pink Tone Protection 2

Evil Eye Agate Pink Tone Protection 2

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Evil Eye Agate Pink Tone Protection 2

The ancient evil eye amulet will not only captivate you it will protect you from evil and negative energy. Finished with gorgeous shimmering stones around a royal blue protective eye it is a power tool still used today.   This amulet has been designed by Maz, often used above door frames when entering a person's home or business.

Many ancient cultures going back as far as 3,000 BC believe that if you wear the evil eye symbol you are protecting yourself against misfortune. It is said that by having negative thoughts, ill wishes towards another, anger, envy, jealousy, greed etc; you can unknowingly cast a curse on that very person. Still a common quote today, I just got the, "Evil Eye". 

Your Agate slice with bands of pink tones is known for its healing properties, bringing positive energy to overcome difficulties and a sense of calmness to your life resulting in new opportunities calling you. In addition to this it is believed to be an excellent powerful protection stone from evil and negativity.

Used to ward of natural disasters we often see agate used to make wind chimes. Many health benefits are associated with this stone, if you have stomach concerns i.e. indigestion, gut and metabolism issues, you may be drawn to agate.

Your piece of agate enhances creativity and will increase work efficiency. It will invigorate your logical thinking and clarity to see your weaknesses to spending resulting in achievable financial goals.

Pink Tone Protection

Our agate slice with beautiful bands of pink tones is associated with our heart chakra, love. Pink agate is often used to build relationships whether it is yours, a child, lovers, or friendship. It repairs the heart, nurtures, and calms you.

No matter how you choose to use your agate it certainly is an impressive stone.

Extra benefits:

  • Will help you make the right decision
  • Builds trust and strong relationships
  • Increases intelligence and concentration
  • Excellent for students to study
  • Releases past trauma
Weight 50 grms      Size 9.5 x 4.5cm