Geode  Agate Small
Geode  Agate Small
Geode  Agate Small

Geode Agate Small

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A soothing, supportive, calming stone when held will awaken ones inner most hidden feelings from within.  If you have long suppressed your emotional side and freedom to speak your desires, beliefs and thoughts from previous fears and judgment this stone with help you to clarify and articulate those thoughts with confidence.  Agate will balance the emotional, physical and intellectual side and as we evolve, like the layers within the stone you will see its purest beauty within its divine core. 

  • Will help you make the right decision
  • Builds trust and strong relationships
  • Increases intelligence and concentration
  • Excellent for students to study
  • Releases past trauma

Druzy Crystal

Is made up of tiny sparkling crystals grown over the component

  • Will awaken self love
  • Encourages you to relax and uplifts your spirits
  • Natural healing from physical, spiritual and mental issues
  • Boost your immune system
  • Promotes healthy eating habits
  • Improves your financial prospects
Height: 4cm      Width: 8.8cm      Depth:3.8cm      Weight: 200g