Goddess Onyx Necklace

Goddess Onyx Necklace

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Goddess Onyx Necklace

A call out to the goddess within you.  It is time to align, use the power within and the phases of the moon for the greater good.  A beautiful necklace that will protect you and guide you on your spiritual journey.  Let it begin.

The Mystical Energy of the Moon

The three stages of the moon represented in our goddess necklace using each cycle in a positive manner, as we work with the lunar energies.  In addition to all the benefits for manifestation some of the powerful vibrations from onyx, Protection - Encouragement - Strength makes this duo a potent force.

Onyx is known to support you in the most difficult times of your life.  It helps release negative emotions such as sorrow, grief and worry from you.  You will be invigorated by its power to positively strengthen your mindset from fears and worries that once plagued you allowing you to start making wise choices.  You will suddenly rise to each challenge with newfound strength and wisdom.   Just the stone you may need to end an unhappy or bothersome relationship.  Onyx guards against negativity, fortifies self-confidence and responsibility, sharpens your senses, and encourages a healthy egotism.  

  • Increases communication and determination.
  • Grounding and protection
  • Balance.
  • Guards against negativity that is directed at you.
  • Fortifies self-confidence and responsibility.

Use these stages by working with them to make it happen.

Set your intentions and manifestations by the moon, from a desire to an idea, translating into reality. As it shines light on us, in the dark of night, the moons light is there upon us all to use wisely.

Waxing - Maiden

You are full of potential, carefree and new things are here and about to happen with the gibbous waxing moon. A time to manifest and work on your desires.

Full Moon - Mother

Loving, caring, and nurturing.  Time to celebrate the magic.

Waning - Crone

Full of wisdom and knowledge all you have to do is ask?  Gibbous Waning moon. Also use as a time to release.


  • 5.5cm pendant drop 
  • 1cm x 0.6cm teardrop onyx
  • 45cm chain plus 3cm ext
  •  1.5cm circle black Onyx 
  •  3.6cm drop from large onyx circle 
  •  4.2cm from moon to moon 
  •  Weight 10grms
  •  9.25 sterling silver