House Personal Cleanse

House Personal Cleanse


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Ever felt like things just keep going wrong within your home?  Is your family always arguing?Are you finding some or all of your family members are emotionally low?  Do you have children that are acting out and don't feel like they are your children?  Is your relationship with your partner feeling distant and on edge?

Sometimes negative energies can create a wall of smog in our homes. It does not necessarily have to be spiritual activity, in fact it can just be negative energy created by past heated arguments between family members or visitors that come in and out of our home carrying and struggling with their own heavy emotions and issues. These energies are left behind to linger in our homes and create conflict between our own family members.

Most people don't realise but if you live in a rental property the house is carrying the energy of all the previous tenants. This means that you and your family start living previous issues that past tenants may have had and you are none the wiser as to why. 

With a house cleansings all the negative energies and spiritual activity are removed from your home making the atmosphere clear and feeling lighter restoring harmony within your home

Please ensure you are available for your appointment at the agreed time and are in a suitable location that is quiet and private. If we cannot contact you will send a text and wait for 10 minutes to call again. 

After placing your booking you will receive an email within 12 hours to confirm your phone number, booking date and a time for your session.

Bookings times available:

  • Monday to Friday between 7pm and 9pm
  • Saturday and Sunday between 9am and 5pm

*Booking times are in Australian Eastern Standard time zone - Melbourne.