Introductory to Spirituality 6 Week Mentoring Package

Introductory to Spirituality 6 Week Mentoring Package

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This 6 week one on one introductory to Spirituality mentoring workshop is for people who feel they have awakened and need assistance with the confusion of the awakening.

Each human is gifted with intuition and amazing gifts to assist us on our journey.  Maz will help you understand the hows and whys so that you can carry on with your growth and bettering your life.


What is Spirituality - Introduction to Spirituality and Your Awakening

Protection & Grounding - How to protect yourself and your loved ones

Etheric Cord Cutting - Why, when and how to do so

Chakras - What are Chakras and the importance of being aware of blockages and how blockages can affect our health and our mindset.

Spirit Guides -  The introduction to Spirit Guides.

Healing Stones - How to recognise you need a particular stone and the dangers of misuse of these amazing natural stones. 

All materials are provided

Duration: 6 Weeks - 1 Hour One on One 

One on One 

Face to Face or Video Call

Part Payments: $100 Deposit $500 Paid weekly from Week 1 @ $100 a week

(No payment week 6)