Massage Roller Amethyst

Massage Roller Amethyst

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A powerful stress reliever, the Amethyst Quartz is believed to help provide inner strength, calm and mental clarity and concentration. Amethyst with purifying, healing and transformation properties in Energy Healing and Chakra Balancing as well as aiding meditation.

The Amethyst Quartz double roller, the rarest and smoothest of all crystals, when used regularly, works to stimulate lymph drainage while massaging the skin and underlying muscles of your face, neck and eye area.  The perfect addition to your daily skincare ritual, not only does the texture of the stone relax and calm you, but the rolling motion boosts elimination of accumulated toxins, ‘lifting’ your face and bringing relief from tension headaches. It is recommended to use daily from forehead to décolleté, and you’ll soon see the difference in the texture, tone and clarity of your complexion. The fine lines diminish, and a reduction in visible wrinkles.

The main benefits of using Amethyst Quartz Rollers are the self-massage that encourages the lymphatic system’s natural detoxification process, as well as “brightening” – by boosting the circulation and blood flow beneath the skin which produces a natural visible glow. Whilst it is used for facial massage, it is said to help sculpt the features – by way of encouraging drainage and toning slackening muscles.

Length: 14cm      Wide end: 6cm      Small end: 3cm