Mookaite Burnt Sunrise Freeform

Mookaite Burnt Sunrise Freeform

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 Mookaite Freeform

The two sides of Mookaite shows the burnt red and mustard yellow tones will motivate you to adventure outdoors, while the mauves, grey and creams help to connect spiritually.  The colours remind us of Australia and is well known healing stone used by Aboriginals. 

If you struggle with changes this stone is for you, as it assists to accept, and aids with the transformation process taking place. You will be reminded not to be so hard on yourself, as your mind slows down from the daily grind and expectations that we can place upon ourselves.

As you grow with Mookaite a new spirit and youthfulness will attract you, age no longer concerns your mind, as you view things in a different light, physically and emotionally. 

Stay forever young with Mookaite and let its calmness surround you. Adventure to the unknown and open your mind to all its possibilities.  Blessings!

Weight 270grms.   9 x 6 x 5 cm