Necklace Labradorite Natural Blue
Necklace Labradorite Natural Blue

Necklace Labradorite Natural Blue

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Necklace Natural Blue Labradorite

Strength ~ Transformation ~ Intuition 

A stunning necklace with striking inclusions, its energy is strong and bold. This pendant is 13.09 cts with sheer blue tones. 

It can help you to traverse changes, attracting strength, perseverance and provide clarity to psychic sight and radiates protection on all levels. Labradorite is a stone of transformation.  It clears balances and protects your aura, reduces stress, and attracts success.  It helps provide clarity and insight into your destiny.      



Strengthens the Aura

  • Unites the chakras.
  • Develops spiritual power.
  • Increase psychic awareness.
  • Strengthens the aura.
  • Increases determination and motivation.
  • Helps to increase concentration.
  • Excellent for Protection.
      Drop 4x1cm      9.25 Sterling Silver      Weight 5grms            Chain length 44cm