Pendant Black Obsidian Cross

Pendant Black Obsidian Cross

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Black Obsidian Cross

A bold and powerful protective cross made from polished sterling silver, with a sleek black obsidian stone of truth will shatter all the illusions that surround you. It is yours to change bad luck into good luck.

The cross gives us faith and hope letting us know we are never alone. When we combine it with black obsidian it will assist the wearer to stay grounded, protects and shields against any lower vibration forces and assists to disperse blockages.  Thus, bringing clarity and releasing any confusion.

Black Obsidian

 Powerful Cleanser

  • Clears psychic smog created within the aura.
  • Strong psychic protection.
  • Shields against negativity.
  • Removes blockages.
  • Grounds and stabilizes.
  • Stimulates psychic abilities.
  • Reveals what is hidden.
  • Emotions, trauma, and issues will surface.
Weight 5 grms      drop 4.5 cm      9.25 Silver