Pendant Larimar Triangle

Pendant Larimar Triangle

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Pendant Larimar

 The Larimar is enclosed within a wishbone design creating a fountain of luck around the benefits of this stunning gem. 

Larimar enhances charm, inspiring your onlooker's attention, you will capture an audience.  Wear your Larimar pendant to build confidence, to express self clearly, and to make people sit up and take notice, enabling you to become a strong leader.  Wearing the soothing but energetic Larimar pendant cools a fiery temper. A powerful meditative gemstone, Larimar connects to divine feminine energy.  

Renowned for their exceptional quality and design Blue Turtle have once again produced an exquisite pendant. This 9.25 sterling silver Larimar pendant with its exceptional uniqueness and renowned quality is a definite statement piece from all others. Each stone is individually sourced then uniquely designed exclusively to Blue Turtle. The blue tones will captivate you and enhance any outfit. 


  • Heals emotions
  • Encourages to view from a different perspective
  • Stimulates throat chakra
  • Can be helpful for phobias, panic attacks, stress-related imbalances, and excessive anger or fear
Designed By: Blue Turtle     Length: 4cm      Width: 2.5cm