Pendant Natural Blue Larimar

Pendant Natural Blue Larimar

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15.02cts Natural Blue Larimar pendant set in Sterling Silver

Wearing the soothing but energetic Larimar Pendants cool the tempers of the wearing person and enhance the charm that keeps him as a centre of attraction always. Since ages, Larimar pendants have been worn, to build confidence in a soul to express self clearly and say the thoughts in public making you a strong leader. A powerful meditative gemstone, Larimar connects to the divine feminine energy, thus making every woman beautifully elegant, heartful and of strong character.


  • Heals Emotions
  •  Assists You To View Events from a Different Perspective
  • Stimulates the Throat Chakra
  • Can be Helpful for Phobias, Panic Attacks, Stress-Related Imbalances, and Excessive Anger or Fear
Weight 5grms      Drop 4x1cm