Ring Herkimer Diamond

Ring Herkimer Diamond

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Herkimer Diamond Ring

Attune ~ High Vibrational Frequency ~ Pure Divine Light

The Herkimer Diamond is a double terminated crystal ring with unique inclusions. A very distinctive crystal formation that will shine its light on you. The alternative gem to a diamond, you will not be disappointed.

Herkimer Diamond is a crystal that has properties of strengthening people's mind. It has the power to purify mind and soul and often used for warding off evil spirits. With an exceptionally high vibration it will also attune to your soul purpose.

  • Holds pure spiritual light and energy
  • Assists you to find your soul purpose
  • Promotes dream recall
  • Assists to access past life regression
  • Stabilizers company finances
  • Activates and opens the crown and third eye chakra
  • New beginnings
Weight 5 grms      Size 9      9.25 Silver