Rose Quartz Bowl Small
Rose Quartz Bowl Small
Rose Quartz Bowl Small

Rose Quartz Bowl Small

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Quartz Rose

Self-Esteem and Love

Our stunning handcrafted solid rose quartz bowl will enhance any home with its pure love energy as it will fill your room with peace and tranquility.  

Use as a soap holder, add your favourite soap and let the properties of rose quartz combined with a cleansing soap wash away any negative residual adding self love to every morning.  

Each day you will be enticed by Rose Quartz to live from the heart, as the beautiful soft healing energy reawakens trust, releasing past emotional trauma as you find peace, compassion and forgiveness to let go.

  • Raises self-esteem.
  • Teaches us to love our self.
  • Lowers stress and soothes.
  • Nourishment and comfort.
  • Compassion and Peace.
  • Tenderness and Healing.
  • Assists in releasing worry, fear, anxiety and past emotional trauma.
560 grms       Small 10 x 6.5 cm