Septarian Bowl
Septarian Bowl
Septarian Bowl

Septarian Bowl

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Septarian Bowl

Personal Power ~ Release ~ Patience

Our Sphere Septarian stone really does radiate a beautiful magical energy which you will easily connect with once in your hands. It can be displayed in the home or it could be used for keys, soap dish or even dry condiments. Let your imagination flow as it promotes patience and stimulates perception and personal power. It will help to dissolve sadness, sorrow, self-pity and grief. Stimulates the immune system and is an excellent stone for stress and trauma. Also, well known to help with communication skills.


  •  Grounding 
  •  Gives confidence when public speaking and helps to captivate the audience
  • Spiritual uplifting 
  • Will bring clarity and to focus
  • Aids with muscle twitches and spasms 
  • Boost metabolism 
  • Tolerance and patients
  • Helps with bad dreams 
Weight 555grms      13 x 9 x 3 cm