Smokey Quartz DT Point
Smokey Quartz DT Point
Smokey Quartz DT Point

Smokey Quartz DT Point

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Smokey Quartz D.T. 

Smokey Quartz

Removes Negativity - Grounding -  Protection - Transformation - Relaxation 

Smokey Quartz may assist us with grief, stress, trauma and depression.  You will feel negativity disperse, motivating you to see situations with more clarity and encouraging you to explore your inner self. Its grounding properties bring a sense of security that will surround you.

A stone that will lift you when you feel alone and lost.  Grounds and balances, if anger arises, and helps to manifest your wishes and dreams. Its properties will want you to add this D.T. to your collection, guiding and supporting you along your journey.

Shape - The six faces all meet at the point, as its energy amplifies at both ends, moving upwards and downwards.  Significant benefits are made when used to unblock lifeless energy. 

 Chakras: Root, Solar Plexus 

Grounding and Protection

  • Protects from negative energies.
  • Enhances survival instincts.
  • Grounding and balancing.
  • Psychic protection.
  • Assists with stress.
  • Eliminates stress.
Weight 120 grms       8 x  4 x 2.5 cm