Smokey Quartz Faceted Point Necklace

Smokey Quartz Faceted Point Necklace

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Smokey Quartz Faceted Point Necklace

This simple Smokey Quartz point gemstone pendant can be used as a layering piece with your jewellery or worn by itself.  Perfect to use as an accessory when you need to make a bolder statement.  Tastefully designed the Smokey quartz faceted point necklace has a quality clasp and chain both 9.25 sterling silver.  Smokey Quartz vibrates a very powerful energy it has so much history within different cultures and how it was once used. You will know exactly how to use this stone when you feel its vibration on you. Our Smokey Quartz point stone of darker coloured transparency, with its down to earth energy will give you soul healing and protection. Something we all need every now and then.

With its defined beauty this piece will make a great addition to your collection. Not only does it have all the benefits of Smokey Quartz it has been cut to radiate its light on you and its surrounding environment.

Remove Negativity ~ Grounding ~ Protect ~ ~Transformation ~ Relaxation

Smokey Quartz assists with grief, despair, depression and other fermenting negativity. It is a mild sedative with a relaxing effect, and it helps you to explore your inner self, embracing dark areas with light and love, allowing healing and reconciliation to take place. In addition to this it will also balance sexual energies and effectively releases bodily stress and strain related to emotional distress. 

You will feel negativity disperse, motivating you to see situations with more clarity and encouraging you to explore your inner self. Its grounding properties bring a sense of security that will surround you.

A stone that will lift you when you feel alone and lost.  Grounds and balances, if anger arises, and helps to manifest your wishes and dreams. Its properties will want you to add this Smokey Quartz Point to your collection, guiding and supporting you along your journey.

Smokey Quartz

Grounding and Protection

  • Protects from negative energies.
  • Enhances survival instincts.
  • Grounding and balancing.
  • Psychic protection.
  • Assists with stress.
  • Eliminates stress.

 Chakras: Root, Solar Plexus 

    Weight 10 grms      Full drop 3cm     Pendant drop 2cm      9.25 Sterling Silver    70cm necklace plus ext10cm