Smudging Charcoal Holder Terracotta 8cm

Smudging Charcoal Holder Terracotta 8cm

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Smudging Charcoal Holder Terracotta 

A very earthy renaissance terracotta smudge bowl, with embossed edges in gold, to use for cleansing our homes, mind, and body. Use to burn resin on charcoal or white sage leaves, incense cones and to burn a candle in for rituals at your altar. The handle design makes it easy to smudge without burning yourself.

Smudging with sage is a natural herb that has powerful benefits for our body and environment we live in. 

Burning sage each day, is scientifically proven to help kill 94% of bacteria in the air by purifying it, without chemicals.  You need to burn sage for around 1hr daily and the effects will remain for at least 24 hrs.

Do not open doors and windows so that the antibacterial can remain longer.

Height 8cm   11cm dia.