Spinning Cube Tigers Eye
Spinning Cube Tigers Eye

Spinning Cube Tigers Eye

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Spinning Cube Tigers Eye

This gorgeous cube, when displayed, will give you a contemporary 3D effect when placed on one corner.  Each piece is hand carved and polished and will look stunning in any home decor, office, work place environment or even teenagers bedroom. You will be enticed to spin the cube no matter what age or gender and feel your mind focus, returning to the present moment. 

Tigers Eye

Clarity and Personal Power

  • Excellent for grounding.
  • Powerful protective stone.
  • Increase self-discipline.
  • Helps one to see clearly without subjectivity.
  • Releases fear.
  • Aids with anxiety.
  • Increases strength and insight during times of spiritual challenges.
Weight 325 grms       Size 5 x 5cm